Week 3 – Thy ‘Will’ Be Done!

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‘Will’ is Powerless!

WHOA!  That is a key takeaway for me in the third week of the Master Key Experience.

When I say I “will” be/do/have something, I am telling my “subby” there’s no rush…it will happen “someday.”

There’s just one problem…

The “subby” doesn’t understand “someday.”  It only understands things that are specific.


In the past two weeks we’ve begun the process of “linking” the things we want with the things we need to do, and we do this in a playful way with colors, shapes, and tricks of the mind.

We’re creating new links to new habits.

But what about the old habits that are ingrained deep within our subconscious?  They must be broken.

Thy “will” be done!

I’m now in the third week of reading Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World three times a day as directed in Scroll 1.  (OK, I admit it, I’ve slipped a few times.  Hey, I’m not perfect…just doing my best.)

This week, we changed it up a bit by marking out the word “will” in the Scroll, and when I performed this simple task, the changes in the text – as well as in my mind – were dramatically different.

Thy “will” be done!

Thy 'Will' Be Done

By simply removing the word “will,” the scroll is infinitely more powerful to read and absorb.  It’s a simple act, but it’s not easy…

You see, after reading “will” for two weeks, my “subby” occasionally still “sees” the word even though I’ve physically crossed it out in my book.  When that happens, I re-read the sentence until I get it right.

This an exercise about breaking the links from our subconscious to our old/bad habits and creating links to new/good habits.  I can already see the beginnings of change, in both my habits and my thoughts about the habits.

I am creating good habits.  And I promise to perform these good habits often.


When I perform [an act] often it becomes a habit and I become its slave and since it is a good habit this is my will. ~ Og Mandino

Today I begin a new life.  Thy “will” be done.

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21 thoughts on “Week 3 – Thy ‘Will’ Be Done!

  1. Great post Stacy – It was amazing the shift that happened by removing the word will from the scroll. And I will admit that when reading it out loud last night I realized I missed a few wills and had to cross out more. Creating new habits…glad to be on the journey with you!

  2. Great what you say Stacy, I feel the same, this is so much powerful by just removing this simple word. It makes so much more concrete.

  3. I love your introduction to the blog. A great way to put into perspective what we have been doing and reading. I am going to write that down. It reminds me of the word try. When you say you are going to try to do something, it doesn’t happen. Thanks.

  4. Stacy, great observation about removing the word “will”. The read is so much more powerful without it. I am also guilty of slipping up, a couple of times during my nightime read, I realized that I missed my lunchtime read, but I was more aware the next day to get that read in. Well we are all human and think of how much more awesome humans we are becoming through this journey…Peace be with You…Stephen

    1. It’s all about creating new — GOOD — habits, Stephen. Amazing how fast we got into the “bad” habit of saying “will.” That means it’s ALSO easy to create the NEW habits. Loving the journey!

  5. love this post 🙂 You are right, taking the word “will” out has made a major difference, a powerful difference. Now I even try to leave it out of my vocabulary permanently. Sometimes tough to do, but well worth the effort. Looking forward to your next post 🙂

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