Week 10 – The Power of Combinations

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I’ve been thinking a lot about combinations this week.  We live in a world chock-full of combinations.

Think about it…

You go to a restaurant, and what’s on the menu? Combo plates! In fact, you typically order your food by number:  “I’ll have the #7, please.”

Why is that?

McDonald’s may have kicked off the combo movement with the phrase “Would you like fries with that?”  

And it caught on.


Because it worked.  Offering combos and “value meals” increased McDonald’s revenues, and not by a little…it increased revenues exponentially.

McDonald’s is a savvy business powerhouse…they’re not going to continue doing anything that isn’t making them money.  So that means we’re on to something here…

…but that’s not where the story ends.

Overcoming Adversity

In my kickboxing classes, they teach us combinations of moves, such as jab-cross-hook-front kick, because any combination of moves is exponentially more powerful than the individual moves.

Do you enjoy music?  (I do!)  Take any piece of music, and it’s a combination of different instruments, playing different notes at different speeds.  Individually, each instrument might sound good…but put them all together, and add vocals (or not), and WOW!  The sum of the parts is exponentially better than the individual sounds.

The same can be said for colors, dancing, cooking, mixology (a personal favorite of mine!), … well, the list includes just about everything!

I write this as my fiancé and I are combining households.  As we unpack, we learn that there are things we have duplicates (or triplicates, or even quadruplets!) of, things we have that are unique and complementary, and things we both lack…often items we’ve never individually had a need a for.

As individuals, we complement one another nicely, and the two of us are, indeed, exponentially better than our already fabulous individual selves.  Together, we are the creative AND the analytical.  We are the free spirit and the grounding force.  We are the warrior and the peacemaker.  We see different perspectives of the same issue, and are able to add value to the other person.

The same goes for our personal development.

By combining the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses together in unique and powerful ways we are “putting our foot on the accelerator” to reach our goals.

And now, my goal is to create a “Menu of Combinations” designed to help me reach my goals in life.


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12 thoughts on “Week 10 – The Power of Combinations

  1. Love this post. So much insight to the the power of combinations. You expanded my thoughts this morning and I am thankful. I am going to spend more time today just observing combinations.

    May your day be filled with overflowing abundance.

  2. The concealed carry permit would have done it for me too. Just something about a pretty lady with a gun! You already have the God given ability to kill us just with a disapproving look and you think you need a gun too?!

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