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Week 20 – Finding Stacy…in Finding Joe

I feel like things are coming together in a natural progression.

Last week I wrote about how we should Live This Day as if It’s Your Last.

So how fitting is it that I watched the movie “Finding Joe” again, and heard these words:

No matter how long you live, life is ultimately short.  It only matters how you showed up, and how courageous you were.

I am usually reminded of how short life is when I lose someone I care about.  And now I am reminded that because life is short, we must show up and be courageous…it’s how we live that matters most.

Finding Joe is one of those movies that you will gain new perspectives with each viewing.  It is filled with thought-provoking concepts, as well as stories of pain, encouragement, and inspiration.

HeroesjourneyIt’s about The Hero’s Journey, a concept popularized by Joseph Campbell, which is the blueprint for nearly every movie ever told.  And it’s the outline of nearly every story…including the story of YOU.

It’s better to have a story than an explanation…it’s richer.

If you watch the movie with an open mind and an open heart, you will find yourself in Finding Joe.

I certainly did.

Here are some of my favorite take-aways from the movie:

  • Being the hero of your own life means being responsible for your own adventure.
    When standing in the face of adversity, you can surrender to victimhood, you can give your responsibility to someone else (i.e.:  ‘tell me what to do and I’ll do it’) or you can say “I have a choice here, and I’m responsible.
  • “Death moments” in stories don’t necessarily mean the end of one’s biological and physical existence…it’s an indication that change is taking place.
    If there is no death, there is no life.  If there is no death, there is no transformation.  If there is no death, there is no change.  We must get rid of things in our lives that do not serve us, and make room for things that will help us grow and thrive.
  • When you follow your bliss, the universe will open doors where there were only walls.
    Joseph Campbell tells us to “Follow Your Bliss.”  What IS “bliss?”  Bliss is listening to your heart and following the truth.  It is the thing you can’t not do…it is your authentic journey.  But how do we FIND our bliss?  We find our bliss by reflecting on what we are passionate about…by what activities we get involved in and HOURS pass away.  Our bliss is what we love to do.  It’s not about money.  Ask yourself:“If I had all the money and time in the world…what would I do?”

  • If you bargain your life away for security NOW, you will NEVER find your bliss.
    Your bliss may not always lead to a financial success…but it WILL lead to a personal success.  And the very fact that you’re LOOKING for your bliss means that you’re in the process of GETTING to your bliss.
  • We all have gifts, talents, hopes, dreams, weaknesses, and lessons in our lives.
    Start looking for your gifts and talents.  Try things you’ve never done before.  If there are things you wish you’d done, but never did, go do them.  Take different routes to work.  Talk to different people.  Put yourself out there.  But don’t anticipate what you’ll find.

  • People don’t follow their bliss because of fear.
    Fear of what people will think of us is the biggest inhibitor of people finding their bliss.  The reality is that YOU make the DECISION to hold yourself back.  We all have a choice, and we must remember…
  • Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.
    When we are challenged, we are being presented with a “dragon” we must slay.  These dragons make us feel like we can’t have or can’t do certain things.  When we are face-to-face with these dragons, we are face-to-face with our fears…and we must conquer them.
  • We must have the COURAGE to proceed in the face of fear.
    Courage is knowing what you need to do…and doing it.  Courage is getting up and trying again.  Courage is exploring the unknown and expanding our comfort zone.  Because when we can SEE our fears, the death of fear becomes certain.  It’s OK to be scared…as long as you DO the thing that scares you.
  • The best, most rewarding moments come after a struggle.
    When we are in an uncomfortable situation, all we can think is “how do I get out of it?”  The answer is to surrender.  Stop fighting the situation, and face it.  You can slay your dragon and come to terms with the fear…or you can LOVE your dragon.  When you love your dragon, you’re no longer engaged in the fight and you’re open to the rewards that are coming to you.
  • The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.
    It’s about loving and accepting yourself for who you are.  It’s about healing the gap between your unlovable self and your lovable self.
  • We can ALL be heroes.
    The Hero’s Journey is a never-ending cycle.  What the hero brings back is a story…which becomes an invitation for others to take the journey.  Giving back the essence of the journey is the ultimate end to the hero’s journey.

Speak through your life…your life is the story…you’ll change lives.