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Week 15 – Rise and Shine! You ARE a Diamond Mine!

When I was a kid, my favorite cartoon — and childhood hero — was Speed Racer.  Speed’s little brother Spritle, and Chim Chim the monkey, absolutely LOVED candy.  Every time the word “candy” was spoken, their eyes turned into these spinning peppermint pinwheels and they did a little “happy dance” with their candy.

Spritle and Chim Chim, from the Speed Racer Cartoon

Why do I bring up Spritle and Chim Chim?  Because my eyes felt just like those spinning peppermint pinwheels during this week’s MKMMA webinar when “diamonds” were mentioned.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a jewelry girl.  Perhaps it’s because I’m newly engaged and have diamonds on my mind…

…but the lesson in those diamonds was priceless.

Let me share a story with you…

Legend has it that there was a traveler in a remote area of South Africa, and one day he watched young boys playing with some small stones resembling marbles.  The traveler was mesmerized by these stones, as they were unlike any stones he had ever seen before.  He asked the boys’ father if he had any more of these stones.  

He sure did!  The man brought out a bowl full of these stones, and the traveler offered about 30 cents’ worth of tobacco for the stones.

Interestingly, the man thought he was taking advantage of the traveler, but he traded the stones anyway.

And this is how the largest South African diamond mines were discovered.

You see…the boys’ father was not aware of what he had.

And neither do most people.  Most people do not know what they have, and what lies within them.

file000981375454You see, we ALL have great riches within us…just like the bright, shiny diamond that lies within the rough.  Perhaps we don’t know we are that bright, shiny diamond yet.  Or perhaps we’ve been conditioned to believe we’re not that bright, shiny diamond.

In either case, we ARE that diamond-in-the rough, and it’s our responsibility to shine!

file7171273536699We just need to be KNOW that we have that bright, shiny diamond within us…and then set out to polish it up.

Ready?  Happy Dance Time!

So, this week we begin our 13-week “total personality and character makeover” to help us reveal the rich treasures that lie within us.

I’ll share more about that makeover in my next post.

Until then…

Rise and Shine…You ARE a Diamond Mine!