About Stacy

StacyRyanHi!  I’m Stacy Ryan.  I’m an outgoing, fun-loving, woman who loves to cook, dance, travel, and spend time with friends.

I’m a natural born leader, a marketing expert, entrepreneur,  volunteer, and network marketing professional who is often described as “outgoing, energetic, and a little bit crazy.”  (In a FUN way, of course!)

I’m a native Houstonian married to another native Houstonian…which makes us (as a couple) about as rare as a unicorn!  We had our first date at the gun range.  (This IS Texas, after all!)

After a few years of life handing me lemons, I decided it was time to make some lemonade, so I applied for – and received – a scholarship to the Master Key Experience.  I decided it was time to make some changes on the INSIDE.  And so I begin the transformational journey of me becoming the very best version of me possible.

Fun Factoids About Me:

  • I love to cook, and enjoy pairing food & wine to enhance the flavors (and enjoyment!) of both.
  • I’m somewhat of an amateur mixologist:  I enjoy mixing flavors and creating new cocktails, or just enjoying a martini after a long day.
  • Traveling is one of my most treasured activities.  Favorite places I’ve been so far include:  Napa/Sonoma (where I got married), Italy, Greece, Spain…I’ve even been to Cuba – legally – to study salsa dancing.  🙂
  • Most amazing sites I’ve seen:  Ephesus in Turkey, The Vatican, the original David in Florence, the view from the top of the Rock of Gibraltar at sunset.
  • LEAST favorite activities:  cleaning & shopping (UGH!)
  • Finally learned to hula hoop in 2014!  (All previous attempts were made with “broken” hula hoops that circled my body once and fell to the ground.)
  • I’m a BIG fan of NCIS, and have my own “Bert the Farting Hippo” (lovingly created by my husband from a stuffed hippo and a whoopee cushion)
  • I’m a Lifetime member of the NRA who enjoys hunting defenseless office supplies.
  • Always a ham, I’ve taken Improv workshops at Rice University and Chicago’s famed Second City.
  • I’m a jewelry junkie!  I buy most of it at art festivals, because the pieces are unique and creative.  In 2014 I took a jewelry class and learned I’m pretty good at making it.  Making jewelry gets the creative juices flowing, and I’ve even sold a few pieces, too!